• MMiFF | Madeira Micro Film Festival | 4-7.12.2018

  • Wednesday, 07/12/2016 | MMiFF OPENING

    22:30 | Data Mine (2016 / Canada / 5min) by Timothy Barron Tracey

    DataMine is an astonishingly detailed stop-motion animation about security, surveillance, privacy, and our obsession with digital culture, set in a world of industrial decay whose plugged-in masses fail to notice the sinister agent who watches and controls them.

    Thursday, 08/12/2016

    18:30 | Hermitage (2016 / Sweden / 4min) by Marcus Fjellström

    A hermit spacetraveller is navigating a floating bubble across several planets to find and rescue the soul of an abandoned child.

    22:30 | On the Origin of Fear (2016 / Indonesia / 12min) by Bayu Prihantoro Filemon

    Overdubbing the roles of both torturer and victim in one of Indonesia’s most contentious movies, a performer in a sound booth becomes the one-man embodiment of a whole era’s worst cruelties and sufferings.

    Friday, 09/12/2016

    22:30 | ABENDGLÜHEN (2016 / Music Video / Germany / 3min) by Sven Helbig

    ABENDGLÜHEN is the first song of Sven’s upcoming album I EAT THE SUN AND DRINK THE RAIN. Visual artist and 3 time-web-video-prize winner Sebastian Linda collaborated with Sven for a second time to create this beautiful clip. The album was released on September 9th on the new Berlin based label NEUE MEISTER and features Vocalconsort Berlin, conducted by Kristjan Järvi.

    Saturday, 10/12/2016

    18:30 | The Mesh and the Circle (2014 / Portugal / 35min) by Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela

    This complex, fragmentary film examines empirical thinking and the tactile. Footage of labour that threatens to become obsolete is symbolic to the transformation of matter. How do you actually depict knowledge or an abstract idea? The Mesh and the Circle wanders the labyrinth of brilliant visualisations and analogies.

    21:00 | Second Skin (2016 / USA/UK / 20min) by Charlie Manton

    The story of a girl in a cardboard box.