• MMiFF | Madeira Micro Film Festival | 4-7.12.2018


    Minimal Study (2014 / DE / 18min)

    Directed by Carolin Brandl, Soundtrack by Hanno Leichtmann

    A strong image-centered minimalist film journey: In a choreographic montage movements visualizing the utopia of progress-orientation of the pulsing and energy-breathing metropolis of Tokyo are intertwined with Japanese Butoh performances in the countryside – amidst wild nature.


    Autumn Harvest (2014 / NO / 17min)
    Directed by Fredrik S. Hana

    A grief-stricken sailor answers a mysterious call from the sea.


    Octopus (2012 / PL / 11min)
    Directed by Anna Zaradny and Michał Kopaniszyn, Soundtrack by Anna Zaradny

    Octopus is a short film form created for a music piece, which engages in a dialogue with experimental music tapping into the format of a music video, framing the common ground for moving image and sound.
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    La Forêt Sauvage (2014 / FR / 2min)
    Directed by Joseph Wallace

    In the late afternoon sun the greedy landlord accosts the industrious farmer, demanding he pays the rent.


    Remissão Completa (2014 / PT / 15min)
    Directed by Carlos Melim

    Complete Remission is a metaphor between physical and social disease.
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    El Mago (2014 / US / 13min)
    Directed by David Liz, Soundtrack by Ana Rodriguez

    A young pianist wishes to have a concert career but is frustrated with her progress . She seeks help in a mysterious but charming young man El Mago; her life would change forever, as he is not what he seems.


    Paths End (2014 / US/PT / 11min)
    Directed by Pierce Warnecke

    Paths End is a fragmented and fictitious cartography of trails leading to nowhere, indirectly documenting a personal experience of intense immersion, disorientation and fear in the wilderness. It is a textural recomposition of the various cues that define or erase a given route. It is an audiovisual exploration of false starts, dead ends, and incompleteness.