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    With deep regret we have to announce that for this year, due to time and  money restrictions, we are forced to take a break with our beloved  MMiFF Festival. We will give our best to come back next year.
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    WORM by Andrew Bowser with Duncan Barrett Brown and Katie Scarlett Lloyd (2013 | USA | 90 min.)

    Worm was shot entirely using the GoPro Hero 2 camera. It is also told from an uncut „Snorricam“ perspective in one 90 min. take. It tells the story of a man wanted for a double homicide in the small town of Guthrie, OK. Jason „Worm“ Truitt has a young daughter that he loves dearly – and a beautiful girlfriend that he feels is out of his league. Worm is always caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, taking odd jobs for shady men, and even breaking the law from time to time. He is constantly tailed by the local Sheriff, and constantly berated by his own Father and his friends. The film plays out as a Southern Neo-Noir of sorts. Trailer

    A SPELL TO WARD OFF THE DARKNESS by Ben Rivers and Ben Russell (2013 | France, Germany, Estonia | 98 min.)

    The first feature-film collaboration between celebrated artist-filmmakers Ben Rivers (Two Years at Sea) and Ben Russell (Let Each One Go Where He May) follows a nameless protagonist (played by musician Robert AA Lowe a.k.a Lichens) as he explores three very different existential options: as a member of a commune on a small Estonian island; living alone in the breathtaking wilds of northern Finland; and fronting a neo-pagan black metal band in Norway.

    SADOURNI’S BUTTERFLIES (Las mariposas de Sadourní) by Darío Nardi with Antonella Costa, Cristián Medrano, Alejandro Sergi (2012 | Argentina | 87 min.)

    Sadourni – a twentyeight-year old dwarf clown – is sentenced to prison. In his cell he recalls the events that lead to his confinement: The brief celebration of an anniversary with his pregnant wife, the surprising visit of the Magician, the temptation of committing a robbery together, the infamous betrayal of his accomplice, the police set up, the fortunate escape, the frantic chase, the sudden interruption, his wife with the Magician, the passion crime, then the arrest, the trial and now the conviction. Trailer

    A FIELD IN ENGLAND by Ben Wheatley with Michael Smiley, Julian Barratt and Reece Shearsmith (2013 | United Kingdom | 90 min.)

    In the midst of a battle during the English Civil War in the 17th century, the alchemist’s assistant Whitehead flees from his strict commander Trower and meets Cutler and two deserters, Jacob and Friend. Together they leave the battleground and head off in search of an Ale house nearby. Along the way they come across the Irishman O’Neill, the man whom Whitehead has been sent to apprehend for stealing his master’s documents. O’Neill quickly asserts his authority over the group and tells them of a treasure hidden somewhere in the field. Trailer


    PIERCING BRIGHTNESS by Shezad Dawood with Houda Echouafni, Chen Ko and Tracy Brabin (2013 | United Kingdom | 76 min.)

    Two youths land in a spaceship outside Preston. Their mission: to re-establish contact and effect the retrieval of the ‚Glorious 100‘ sent to earth millennia ago in human form to study and observe the development of another race. After making contact with one of the 100, now a Pakistani shopkeeper they discover that many of their kind have become corrupted, forgetting their original purpose and slowly becoming influenced by and in turn influencing their adopted home. Trailer

    THE CLEANER (El Limpiador) by Adrian Saba with Adrian du Bois and Víctor Prada (2012 | Peru | 95 min.)

    In the midst of a mysterious, devastating epidemic, Eusebio, a forensic cleaner in Lima who sterilizes the apartments of the dead, discovers an eight-year-old boy hiding in an uninhabited house. A grizzled loner all his life, Eusebio suddenly finds that he must care for this orphan as civilization crumbles around them in this quietly compelling dystopian drama. In a place where you would least expect it, a story surfaces about love and care. Trailer

    Awards: New Voices/New Visions Grand Jury Prize (Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013) & New Directors Award – Special Mention (San Sebastián International Film Festival 2012)
    Nomminations: Grand Prix (Fribourg International Film Festival 2012) & Gold Hugo (Chicago International Film Festival 2013)

    THE FIFTH SEASON (La Cinquième Saison) by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth with Aurélia Poirier, Django Schrevens and Sam Louwyck (2012 | France, The Netherlands, Belgium | 93 min.)

    A mysterious calamity strikes: spring refuses to come. The cycle of nature is capsized. Alice, Thomas and Octave, three kids in a village deep in the Ardennes forest, struggle to make sense of the world that is collapsing around them. A haunting tale that is set in the present day, yet incorporation of technology and machinery is kept to a minimum which makes the story almost timeless. Trailer

    Awards: FIPRESCI Prize, Jury Special Prize & Youth Jury Award (Valladolid International Film Festival 2012), Green Drop Award & Young Cinema Award (Venice Film Festival 2012)
    Nomminations: Golden Lion (Venice Film Festival 2012) & Grand Prix (Ghent International Film Festival 2012)