• Dear film lovers, dear MMiFF fans and friends,
    With deep regret we have to announce that for this year, due to time and  money restrictions, we are forced to take a break with our beloved  MMiFF Festival. We will give our best to come back next year.
    Yours, MMiFF Team


    Les Affamés

    by Robin Aubert (2017 / Canada / Drama/Horror / 110 min)

    „The film surprised us with its brave and fresh approach to turn a gory genre movie into a poetic, mesmerizing a​nd soul ​touching​ piece of art. we the jury, usually don’t like zombie movies too much but by using his very own images, rhythm and sense of tonality the director managed to draw us into a very cinematic experience and even show us the transcending beauty of a zombie massacre. we left the cinema inspired and happy and are looking forward to see more films by this brave, new voice.“

    Watch the Trailer | IMDb



    Pin Cushion by Deborah Haywood (2017 / UK / Drama / 85 min)

    „Pin Cushion creates a very unique and extremely visual universe. we were impressed by the detailed direction and the passion for its subject matter that is felt in every single shot. the film manages to balance bravely between fantasy, fairy tale and harsh reality. congratulations.“


    Joana de Verona, Portuguese-Brazilian actress, has worked with directors such as Marco Martins, Raúl Ruiz, João Botelho, João Salaviza, Valeria Sarmiento, Miguel Gomes, Denis Côté among others and is mostly known for „How to Draw a Perfect Circle“ (2009), „Mysteries of Lisbon“ (2010) (winner of the Louis Delluc award), „Lines of Wellington“ (2012), „Rafa“ (2012) (Golden Berlin Bear for short film), „Arabian Nights“ (2015).

    Sylvie Fleury, contemporary Swiss pop-artist, known for „post-appropriationist“ installations, sculptures and mixed media works. Her publications The art of survival, First Spaceship on Venus and Other Vehicles, and Parkett #58 (with Jason Rhoades and James Rosenquist) have received international acclaim. In 2015, she won the Prix de la Société des Arts de Genève.

    Tobias Nölle, director of last year’s MMiFF laureate with the psychological drama „Aloys“ (2016). He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and came to fame in 2008 with the short René, which was awarded the Golden Leopard in Locarno. In 2015, he returned to Locarno’s competition as part of the political sci-fi omnibus “Wonderland” (2016) alongside nine up-and-coming Swiss directors. „Aloys“, Nölle’s feature debut, won the Fipresci Prize at this year’s Berlinale as well as the Audience Award at Las Palmas Film Fest in Spain.