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  • ANTONIO MARQUES was born on 22nd October 1876, in “Lugar de baixo” Ponta do Sol. He purposely built a cinema in the Historical part of Ponta do Sol, named “Cine Sol” with a beautiful logo painted on the top of the building and the date of 1933.

    The building itself is a wonderful example of Art deco architecture. At the time Marques was seen as a man of great vision, rather advanced for that epoch. In constructing the cinema as well as in his many other business ventures he was careful to take advantage of the location of Ponta do Sol, and its favorable reputation with the aristocracy.

    Over his lifetime he established several businesses, such as the “Marques Teixeira e Companhia Limitada”, developed a grocery enterprise in the village, with the objective of supplying food and other items to the local people.

    Marques was also a pioneer in creating a local mill in which he manufactured a range of products. Sadly very little is known about the history of the “Cine Sol”, but according to his daughter, its golden days were during the silent film era, when the cinema would attract audiences from across the island, many even arriving on boats to witness the spectacle of cinema.

    The Cinema became not only a place to watch silent films, but also a “meeting place” where parties and high-society get togethers would be held. Famously, the most popular films to be shown were those of the great master of silent cinema, Charlie Chaplin.

    Ricardo Jorge Teixeira Borges Goncalves