He was also pioneer in creating a factory "Moagem" a "Mill" manufacturing many products from the "flour" he milled. Unfortunately there is not much written about the history of the "Cine Sol", but reports from his daughter, the silent movies were a success in the village for the population and also for visitors, who in those days, came to Ponta do Sol, by boat. The Cinema was not only a place to watch silent movies, but also a "meeting place" where parties and get together of the society at that time. The Cinema terrace was a very popular place for this type of events.

The most popular films that were shown were "Charlie Chaplin" and the one who become famous in the village with the local people was "Miracle of Lurdes" which moved many of them to emotional tears. Antonio Marques Teixeira, died in 1935 and since then the Cinema went in disuse. The main House inside the property next to Cinema, where he leaved, is still existing with the same characteristics and architecture of those days where his descendents still leave.

Ricardo Jorge Teixeira Borges Goncalves
ANTONIO MARQUES was born on 22nd October 1876, in "Lugar de baixo" Ponta do Sol. He purpose built a cinema in the Historical part of Ponta do Sol, named "Cine Sol" with a beautiful logo painted on the top of the building and the date of 1933.

The building itself it is considered Art deco. He was considered at that time a man of vision rather advanced for that epoch, not only for projecting and building a Cinema, and as he also set up several businesses. Taking advantage of the location of Ponta do Sol, the most important Village on the west Cost, as well as, an Aristocratic Village, being not only a District but also a "Judicial District", which brought to the local society very important people.

He developed several business including enterprises and agriculture, such as the "Marques Teixeira e Companhia Limitada" developed the grosserie business, with the main objective to supply food and other main products to the local people as well to the small merchants, located in various points of the District and neighbouring areas.